MoveXX T15001500Kg Pull Power

This is our Standard machine designed for Multi shift operations, with a capacity of up to 1500Kg.

With an optional spare battery, these units can be used in a 24 Hour operation such as manufacturing plants and Airports.

Features are long life, minimal maintenance and ease of use.

Options are: Special Hooks, Ignition Keys, Horn and Non Marking Tyres.

Units are supplied with: Basic Attachment hook, Battery indicator, Battery charger, Battery, CE- mark, Adjustable height handle, Second speed, Electric Brake.

All units are supplied with easy to read Operating instructions and Maintenance details as well as an optional training video supplied on a popular Tablet for your new operators if required.

To Suit : Airport & Airfields, Botanic & Flower, Industries, Hotels, Aged Care, Food & Pharmaceutical Industry, Workshops, Hospitals, Farms, Caravan Parks, Wholesale, Retails and other applications.

European Quality to CE Standard.

As used by: KLM, Lufthansa , Shiphol Airport, Wilson Carpark, Heinz, P&G, Unilever, Ammerland Klinik Weterstede, Audi, DAF Trucks, General Electric, IMB, Linde Gas, Mercedes Benz & more.

Driver DC motor 24V, 600W
Pull or Push power: 1500 kg
Regulator: Speed and acceleration are freely programmable
Battery: Extern, 24V, 18 AH, 14 kg
Charger: External
Tires: Massif round 250 x 85 mm
Weight: 105 kg total
Frame: Steel, electro deposited and powdercoated
Size: 475W x 600L mm
Handle height: 750-1150 mm
Fold in hight: 770 mm
Standard provided with: Basic Module, Battery, Charger, CE-mark, Adjustable Handle, Second Speed, Electric brake
Options: Horn, Key, Emergency stop, Special Hooks, etc

Movexx Introduction

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An exclusive 2 year warranty is provided on Tugs and attachments as follows:
  • Initial 1 year Parts and Labour on the Tugs and attachments from delivery date
  • Additional 1 Year Pro-Rata Parts and Labour on Tugs and attachments from conclusion of 1st year of warranty.
  • 3 Months on Batteries where compliance with recommended battery charging procedure and operating instructions are followed.
  • Warranties may be voided if the units are misused.